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Dr. Brian Froehly, D.C.

Dr. Brian Froehly, D.C. was born and raised in a small town in Freedom, PA which is 24 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. He did his undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University where he earned credits for his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology while concurrently receiving his collegiate black-belt in Isshinryu Karate. Dr. Froehly is a National Board Certified 2007 graduate from the Flordia Campus of the world renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic. He utilizes the “Palmer Package” technique which includes, but is not limited to Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, SOT (sacro-occipital technique), Thompson Drop, Pettibon and Sports Chiropractic Extremity adjusting. Dr. Froehly belongs to the South Carolina Chiropractic Association and is a member of Summerville’s Chamber of Commerce.  In his personal time, Dr. Froehly enjoys watching sports especially the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penquin Hockey, and his alma mater Penn State Football.


Dr. Froehly's goal is to get you well quickly without drugs so you can get back to your normal activities of daily living and also live a more enjoyable healthy life to come. 


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The very first day on the machine I stopped taking Percocet and have used none since. I would recommend to anyone who has back and leg pain to try the machine as it has made a world of difference in me.

William W.

Since I had my treatments on the DRX9000C, I walk straighter and quicker. I actually can go for a walk and I have more energy.

Tom C. - DRX Patient

This all started in a 1989 auto accident. The pain never stopped. Over the years I have tried every treatment: injections, medication, physical therapy. The pain was still there. I had my first treatment on the DRX on Feb. 09, 2009. The next day I felt better. Thanks to the DRX, I feel better than ever.

Helen C. - DRX Patient

I thank God that I saw the advertisement in the Post and Courier! My bulging disc was diagnosed when I went to my doctor complaining of pain in my leg. I was treated with an epidural injection and my pain did not improve much. Today, I am happy to say, that after my treatment on the DRX9000, I no longer limp and I can easily walk again.

Mary A. - DRX Patient

I can’t thank Summerville Spine & Disc enough for giving my life back. The pain is gone and I am a very happy camper

Ruby S. - DRX Patient

I had a painful back disorder called degenerative disc disease. Dr. Froehly and his associates got me back to walking again and even playing golf

Eugene K - Chiropractic/ DRX 9000 patient

After three surgeries and years of pain, I decided to try the DRX9000C spinal decompression treatment. These treatments, combined with chiropractic adjustments, have resulted in significant relief. I would not have believed that I would feel so good. The quality of my life has definitely improved.”
Ruby Y.

Ruby Y. Chiropractic/ DRX 9000 patient

I simply lucked out when I found Dr. Froehly The staff at Summerville Spine & Disc are amazing and very well informed. I was in so much pain when I first visited Dr. Froehly, and after 2 visits my pain decreased by 50%! After a few more visits I felt 20 years younger! Thank You! Thank You!

Jim Derento

I am so glad that I had the treatment on the DRX. My back is feeling good and I would tell anyone with a disc problem to go there. Thank you, Dr. Froehly.”
Mary W

Mary W / DRX Patient

From the time I walked in the door I was impressed! I was seen promptly, and Dr. Froehly was a true professional. When I was younger I was in a car accident and have been suffering with neck and back pain. Almost to the point that I couldn't get out of bed! After 6 treatments I started to see relief, and today it's like the accident never happened. I've been seeing Dr. Froehly for about 2 years now and I am so excited about the future!

Matt Willow